Statewide Campaign Kickoff on September 22nd

No Cuts to Care is kicking off the campaign to defeat Measure 106, the backdoor abortion ban on November’s ballot, on Saturday, September 22nd from 11AM – 3PM at locations across Oregon. Hundreds of volunteers will be mobilizing to defend reproductive freedom. The morning will commence with speeches from prominent Oregonians before volunteers head out … Continued

Anti-abortion measure qualifies for Oregon’s November ballot

A statewide campaign is already working to defeat the measure, which would cut critical access to reproductive health care Today, Oregon’s Secretary of State announced that an anti-abortion group turned in enough valid signatures to qualify Initiative Petition 1 for the November ballot, by a narrow margin. Measure 106, as it will appear on the … Continued

News From the Campaign:

Why I Oppose Measure 106: The Power of Safe & Accessible Abortion

The following personal story has been taken from the Voter Pamphlet Statements in opposition to Measure 106. I have been lucky a few times in my life. I was lucky at 17, when I arrived at college. Getting to college was about creating a future free of everything that had been wrong about my childhood. … Continued

An Open Letter from Over 100 Oregon Clinicians

As Oregon clinicians, we are writing to oppose Measure 106, which is nothing more than a backdoor ban on abortion. As providers, we believe that all women – regardless of how much money they make or how they are insured – should be able to make their own medical decisions in consultation with their healthcare … Continued