Anti-abortion extremists in Oregon have put a measure on the ballot that would cut access to care for vulnerable Oregonians. Measure 106 is a backdoor ban on abortion. It makes it so only those who can afford it are able to access abortion. A right is not a right if you can’t afford to access it.

No matter how you feel about abortion​, no one should be denied healthcare because they can’t afford it. We need to fight back.

No Cuts to Care is a coalition working to defeat this dangerous measure on November 6, 2018.


What would happen if Measure 106 passes?

Measure 106 chips away at healthcare benefits and decreases coverage for reproductive health care for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. Women deserve access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion. We should trust women to make personal medical decisions like when or whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child. This right to healthcare is the foundation of freedom and opportunity for individuals and their families. No one should be denied care because of how much they make or how they are insured.

  • Impact on Health Care Access for Low-Income Oregonians: Measure 106 would reduce access to health care, particularly for the most vulnerable people who already face significant barriers to receiving high-quality care. Every woman in Oregon must be able to decide whether and when to become a parent – no matter how much money she makes or how she is insured. An estimated 250,000 women of reproductive age receive health care through the Oregon Health Plan. Under Measure 106, these Oregonians will no longer have access to the full range of reproductive healthcare they need.
  • Impact on Health Care Access for Public Employees: Measure 106 would have a disproportionate effect on teachers, nurses, firefighters and thousands of other public service members who would no longer be eligible for abortion coverage as part of their public employee benefits plan. When a woman is making a decision about whether to end a pregnancy, she should have medically-accurate information and know it will be covered by health insurance, just like any other medical procedure. According to the Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority, a total of 77,344 women of reproductive age are insured through the Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB) and Oregon Educators Benefits Board (OEBB) as of June 2018.


Who opposes Measure 106?

Trusted organizations, local businesses, and community leaders across the state are urging Oregonians to vote NO on Measure 106.

See the full list of supporters here.


Who are the extremists behind Measure 106?

Measure 106 was put on the ballot by a fringe anti-abortion extremist group called Oregon Life United. Oregon Life United is out of step with Oregon voters, who have twice voted “no” on this measure. Over 70% of Oregon voters believe women should have access to the full range of reproductive health care, starting with preventative care and continuing through postpartum care.


How will Measure 106 appear on my ballot?

Measure 106, referred to by proponents as “Stop Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act of 2018,” would amend the Oregon Constitution to prohibit spending public funds on abortion. The certified ballot title for Measure 106 reads, “Amends Constitution: Prohibits spending ‘public funds’ (defined) directly/indirectly for ‘abortion’ (defined); exceptions; reduces abortion access.”

Currently women in Oregon may obtain abortions when approved by a medical professional, under publicly-funded health plans. Ballot Measure 106 amends the Oregon Constitution to prohibit publicly funded healthcare programs, including the Oregon Health Plan and the Public Employees Benefit Board, from covering abortion.


How do I vote NO on Measure 106?

Register to vote online on the Secretary of State’s website: You must register to vote or update your registration by October 16, 2019 at 11:59PM.

You can find a secure ballot drop box near you here:


How can I help defeat Measure 106?

Oregonians of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to join us in the fight to defend reproductive freedom this November. Here’s how you can help today:

We are open to creative ideas and warmly welcome those who have never volunteered for a campaign before. Connect with us by emailing

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