Why I Oppose Measure 106: As a Republican Woman, I’m voting NO on Measure 106

The following personal story has been taken from the Voter Pamphlet Statements in opposition to Measure 106.

When I became pregnant at the end of my first year of college, I realized that I had to either immediately find a way to pay for an abortion or drop out of school and find a way to pay for the lifetime costs of raising a child. Because I had access to abortion, I was able to make a sound decision for myself and my future.

Measure 106 would take away that access for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians, and impose one group’s beliefs on all of us. As a Republican, I believe in personal freedom and limited government interference in people’s personal lives, especially when it comes to medical decisions. Measure 106 amends our Oregon constitution and forces one group’s views on all of us. That’s why I’m voting no.

As a Republican, I also believe in fiscal conservatism. This is why it’s so important to me that voters know that Measure 106 would cost taxpayers more money, not less. According to the official financial impact released by Oregon’s Secretary of State, Measure 106 will cost taxpayers $19.3 million. This number is based on an estimated increase in number of births, and the corresponding costs for health care, food, and nutrition services paid for with our taxes. If we take away abortion access for people who cannot afford the procedure, Oregon taxpayers will end up spending millions of dollars.

Please join me and many other Republicans in voting NO on Measure 106 to protect our Oregon constitution, our pocketbooks, and our personal freedom.

Anna, 25. Medford, Oregon

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