USA Today: Fight over abortion comes to Oregon

Across the U.S., abortion rights have pummeled in the last decade. Now, Oregon is facing a fight over abortion as reproductive rights continue to be targeted. In her article, “Fight over abortion comes to Oregon as Republicans target reproductive rights in U.S.,” Lindsay Schnell reports.

“Framed as a tax debate, Measure 106 would amend the Oregon constitution to eliminate elective abortions for anyone on Medicaid or state-funded insurance, including public employees. It’s one of three anti-abortion measures before voters this November in the latest effort to dramatically limit abortion access in America. West Virginia and Alabama, two typically red states, are also voting on anti-abortion initiatives.

But advocates of legal abortion are paying special attention to Oregon, often considered the north star of reproductive rights. They worry that if abortion rights are stripped in what’s often considered a liberal utopia, what will come next? Anti-abortion groups could use this as a rallying cry to go after other states and ultimately reopen the debate on Roe vs. Wade, allowing the now Conservative-leaning Supreme Court to overturn a law that’s stood since 1973.

Oregon is one of just 16 states that funds medically necessary abortions through Medicaid, and one of only seven states to fund all abortions, including elective, through Medicaid.”

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