Ballot Drop Off 101

Ballots were mailed out last week! Now it’s all about making sure your vote gets counted on November 6th! Whether you are dropping your ballot off at your local ballot drop site or mailing it in, it’s easy to vote in Oregon and we’re here to help to make sure your voice gets heard in this election.

STEP 1: Make sure you receive your ballot. If your ballot has not arrived within 5 days after they were initially mailed, between 10/17-10/23, call your county elections office. Same thing applies if your ballot is damaged or you need a replacement.


STEP 2: Vote! Mark your ballot using a blue or black ink ball-point pen. Don’t forget to vote NO on Measure 106! Once you vote, place your ballot in the secrecy sleeve, seal it and put it in the return envelope. Make sure to sign the return envelope after verifying your name and current residence address is correct.


STEP 3: Submit your ballot either by mail or drop it off at a ballot drop site near you! Remember that all ballots must be received at the elections office or official drop site by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, 11/6. Postmarks do not count!

If you want to mail in your ballot, we recommend returning your ballot by Wednesday, October 31st. Otherwise it is super easy to find a ballot drop site near you, so you can drop off your ballot by 8PM on November 6th! To find ballot drop sites near you follow this link.


There is too much at stake this election. Measure 106 is a backdoor ban on abortion on the ballot. We cannot let anti-choice extremists win this November. Vote NO on Measure 106 and get your ballot turned in by November 6th at 8 pm, remind your personal networks to do the same.

News From the Campaign:

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An Open Letter from Over 100 Oregon Clinicians

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