Measure 106 Would Limit Access to Abortion

As ballots are being mailed out across Oregon, read up on how Measure 106 will limit access to abortion, disproportionately impacting hundreds of thousands of low-income women and public employees, like nurses, teachers, and firefighters, who rely on publicly-funded health insurance.

In his article, “Oregon ballot Measure 106 would limit access to abortions,” first published by Oregon Public Broadcasting on September 26, 2018, Jeff Mapes reports:

But the architect of Measure 106 acknowledges his real goal is to reduce the number of abortions. And studies show that slashing Medicaid funding for low-income women typically leads to a rise in the number of unwanted pregnancies carried to term.

As a result, opponents say Measure 106, if approved, will make it much harder for many women to carry out their ability to choose an abortion.

“When this measure is talked about as a cost-saving measure, it skirts the issue that this is an attempt to ban abortion for low-income women,” said Grayson Dempsey, a leader of the opposition campaign.”

Read the full OPB article here.


In her September 19, 2018 Willamette Week article, “Why Is an Anti-Abortion Measure on the Ballot in America’s Most Pro-Choice State?” Katie Shepard reports:

“Measure 106 would bar spending state funds to provide abortions for low-income women; it would also cut off insurance coverage of abortions for women employed by state government.

Cutting off that funding may be only a partial  restriction—but it comes at a moment when abortion rights in this nation feel vulnerable…

Voters in other states will be deciding the fate of more drastic attacks on abortion rights this November. West Virginia and Alabama both have measures that would amend their state constitutions to explicitly declare abortion rights are not protected.

Oregon’s smaller step is part of the larger, four-decade-plus strategy on the part of the pro-life movement to chip away at abortion access.”

Read that full Willamette Week article here.

News From the Campaign:

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An Open Letter from Over 100 Oregon Clinicians

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