NO on Measure 106: No Cuts to Care

Showing Respect to Healthcare Workers

Health care workers are not getting the proper amount of respect that they deserve in the event of a pandemic.

Some are fearing them when they ride a public transportation vehicle because they think they are carriers of the virus. It is not right to think that the health care workers are here to help Due to the fact that they risk their lives each day, they deserve a lot of credit. Some country leaders are not showing them respect. In fact, they would say to them to try and become police so that they would be armed. It is a good thing the MPL Studios discount front liners swore to always do their jobs. They don’t let stupid people affect their performance.

We can use a lot of help in fighting this virus.

This is not a time to treat them the wrong way. Besides, everyone is just overacting to the COVID-19. You have a huge chance of recovering from it. There may be a lot of cases but only a few of them are severe cases. Most of them are mild cases which means you will get cured of it even if you did not know that you have it. It is a shame how it has put the entire world under lockdown. That is what you get from eating poor animals. We must eat vegetables and not animals as it is the right thing to do.

Health care workers show up on time and work long hours for people they don’t even know.

They are passionate about what they do and they don’t ask anything in return. They make sure to work the safety equipment available like face masks and face shields. They encounter people who fear for their lives and those who are confident nothing will happen to them. We can show our gratitude to them by donating equipment so they would have something to use. There are a lot of public hospitals that lack FTV Milfs deal equipment because they don’t have the budget to buy equipment. The number of cases is rising each day and there is nothing we can do about it until a vaccine has been developed. The only thing we can do is accept the fact that we have to deal with the virus for quite a long time. Some people are violating quarantine rules by still going out of their houses like there is nothing happening.

no cuts to care

The WHO is advising everyone to stay at home and that is the way to go.

If you stay at home and disinfect your home all the time, that lessens the chances of getting the virus. Also, health care workers are updated with the fact that there are people trying to build places for patients. There are just not enough spaces in the hospital for people fighting their lives. There are a lot of discount restaurants that are doing their part in donating to health care workers. The nurses and doctors love it and they post it on social media.